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interpack 2023 - Jetter presents the advantages of an integrated motion control system

With a single software tool, an object-oriented programming language and the flexibility of the multitasking operating system, Jetter merges the different control and drive technologies into an easy-to-use and very efficient overall system of hardware and software. Motion Control with CNC functions thus becomes Motion Control Extended. The automation specialist demonstrates this with the example of a Delta robot and an HFFS machine. Using the example of a filling machine, Jetter offers an insight into its possibilities for fill level control.

Visit us at the interpack in D├╝sseldorf from 4 to 10 May 2023. You will find us at the Packaging-Valley shared booth in hall 16, stand D72-10. We look forward to your visit!

Experience the seamless integration of axis functions into the controller

At Jetter, we have fused our micro controllers with  high-precision motion control into a universal motion control approach: Motion Control eXtended (MCX). It allows for effortless implementation of point-to-point (PtP) positioning and technology functions (MC) as well as path and robot functions. We call this universal motion control Motion Control eXtended (MCX).

JetMove 2000 - the multi-axis servo system for packaging machines

  • Modular and compact design
  • Enables high-precision traversing, positioning and torque control
  • Up to 2 axes per unit
  • Built-in braking resistor and line filter
  • Easy integration into communication environments for functional safety (FSOE)

Motion control platform for packaging machines

Deploying a motion control system in packaging automation allows for perfect synchronization of all automation components. The individual packing functions and processes, such as filling, forming, sealing, collecting and palletizing, seamlessly blend  together to meet individual performance requirements. Jetter AG motion control sytems can be partially or fully incorporated into horizontal (HFFS) and vertical (VFFS) form, fill and seal, thermoforming, cartoners and labelling machines.

Thanks to jerk-limited motion profiles, the systems delivers excremely precise, yet highly dynamic positioning. Consistent quality in the continuous packaging process is achieved by using electronic camming and gearing.

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