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For decades, the name Jetter AG has stood for highest demands on automation solutions that are used in a wide range of industrial and mobile automation sectors.

Products and components by Jetter AG stand out thanks to their high degree of system integrity and diversity. Our in-house R&D departments (hardware and software), as well as our production plants in Germany allow us to always act in a quick and flexible manner. This, combined with a comprehensive range of Professional Services, enables us to put almost any customer request into practice.

In Industrial Automation Jetter AG is focusing on selected industries. Highly customized solutions contributing to decisive advantages in our customers' business environment put them into a position to produce state-of-the-art machines and plants.

In Mobile Automation Jetter AG develops and manufactures highly complex and robust automation concepts for controlling a wide variety of functions in municipal, fire-fighting, and agricultural vehicles. Thus, permanent availability of vehicles and implements is ensured.

Industrial networking and digitalization

Radical changes in industry caused by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things demand for future-proof solutions. Jetter AG is able to provide you with well-proven and safe systems, and to actively support you in implementing all process steps.
The product and networking philosophy at Jetter AG has always been based on seamless integration of all automation components into the production processes. Jetter AG was the first company in the world to rely on consistent networking with Ethernet TCP/IP and on using common Internet protocols. A great number of systems that already now meet all essential criteria of future demands on production processes has been applied for many years by renowned customers with great success.

The Jetter AG mission statement:

Jetter AG is a leading provider of automation systems. Understanding your application helps us find the best solution in terms of functionality, sustainability and efficiency.

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