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Handling | Assembling

The requirements and needs of the assembly and handling industry are extremely diverse. The sheer variety of applications and the integration of robotics present particular challenges with regard to control solutions. With highly specialized systems for practically all stations of automated and semi-automated assembly and handling systems, Jetter AG offers complete and partial solutions which can be integrated optimally and with full process reliability.

Pick and place
Optimized feed
right from the start

Flexible with motion systems

Laser cutting
Highest productivity

Quality testing
Weighing | Counting | Measuring

Parts placement
Always at the right place

Every seam fits

Leaktightness test
Full pressure testing

Screw capping
Seal it right

Flexibility meets accuracy

Your benefits:

Master process optimization - Fit for Industry 4.0

    • Evaluation and logging of all process data
    • Availability and customization via ERP/PDA/MES systems
    • Calculation and optimization of cam disks - your machine always runs smoothly but nevertheless responsively
    • Energy consumption and wear can therefore be kept to a minimum

    Shorter cycle times

    Improve the cycle rates of your machines. Thus, significant boost in productivity with consistently high levels of process reliability

    Generate a competitive edge

    • With motion control or capping algorithms
    • Easy to save process data locally on the controller
    • Data retrieved through FTP or SD card

    Seamless systems integration

    Save important resources even at the programming stage. Profit from these savings even during commissioning and service calls

    Easy maintenance

    A screwdriver and a USB flash drive or SD card are all you need. Direct access via remote maintenance

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