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Jetter Packaging Library

Create your machine program from building blocks

The Jetter Packaging Library lets you easily program your PackML-compliant packaging machine. The packaging library is a complete application program and is supplied with an executable sample project.

This configuration can be customized, modified and extended in many ways. It is also possible to use only the Lib kernel to build a completely different machine.

Function blocks of the library

  • Product feed
  • Film feeding: Film tension control | Longitudinal sealing | Heater control | Print mark control 
  • Cross sealing / cutting | Heater control
  • Outlet conveyor
  • No-product-no-bag feature

Product features

  • Ready-to-use standard machine configuration
  • Easily exchangeable device modules
  • Selection of different variants for each device module
  • Can be modified by deriving module variants to create individual variants
  • Possibility of integrating your own device modules
  • Lib kernel suitable for any machine that matches the implemented PackML state machine 

Example: Installation and application


  • One concept for machine programming
  • One error handling concept
  • Modules for all machine functions
  • A complete sample project for a quick start
  • Templates for easy creation of individual modules
  • Inline-code examples showing how to use and customize the main functions

System requirements

  • Any JetControl with the Motion Control Extended (MCX) feature
  • Axis drive through MCX-compatible servo drives
  • Basic knowledge of STX

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