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Agricultural machines

Coordinated automation solutions rely on a holistic approach to technical requirements, especially when it comes to implements.
This means that a great variety of parameters enabling efficient cooperation of mobile machinery with highly specialized implements must be taken into account. Networking of the systems
also serves to establish permanent connectivity to the higher-level control center, which is paramount for optimum cultivation of farmland.

Jetter AG offers a portfolio of custom-tailored agricultural technology. It comprises state-of-the-art and perfected automation solutions compelling by attractive technical features.

Robustness of all devices

The devices Jetter AG uses in agricultural vehicles satisfy required protective requirements regarding environmental temperature, shock, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and impermeability.

Standards in communication

Jetter AG is thoroughly committed to standards and uses CAN bus as interface.


Agricultural technology manufacturers around the world have come to agree on ISOBUS as “language and transmission technology”, the so-called protocol, for communication between devices and tractors as well as PCs.

The ISOBUS data technology primarily standardizes the communication between tractors and implements, but also the data transfer between these mobile systems and the agricultural office software, making everything mutually compatible.

The basis for such compatibility is the international standard ISO 11783, “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry  – Serial control and communications data network”.

(Source: Competence Center ISOBUS)


Membership to your advantage

Your benefits:

The most modern control systems for harsh environments

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology, maximum precision and perfectly adapted robust devices

Operating concepts and HMIs in one stroke

Ensures perfect functioning of all control systems, providing a coordinated hardware and software concept

Individual and scalable

All devices can be customized and expanded as required

Long-term spare parts supply

Further development of the components ensures long-term availability of spare parts

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