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More than movement

The integration of axis functions into the controller is an essential feature of Jetter’s automation solutions. This makes point-to-point positioning (PtP), technology functions (MC), as well as path control and robot functions easy to realize. This universal motion controller is called Motion Control eXtended (MCX).

Moving and controlling precisely with MCX

The possibilities for using MCX motion control are almost unlimited. MCX technology has all the advantages whenever complex motion sequences and production specifications meet. MCX’s seamless integration into Jetter AG’s control systems enables an optimal economic implementation of all processes such as for:

  • Screw capping machines
  • Winding machines
  • Wood, plastic, glass, and stone machining
  • Textile machinery
  • Packaging systems
  • Handling and assembly systems
  • Robot kinematics
  • Palletizing systems
  • Special-purpose machines

MCX features

  • Centralized generation of all command positions for single axes and axis groups
  • Seamless integration into the controller
  • Interface for kinematic transformations
  • Jerk control to minimize machine vibrations
  • Online generation of cam discs
  • Combination of technology and path groups
  • Cascading of axis groups
  • Programming using SI units
  • Consideration of mechanical parameters

Technology group

Line shaft

  • Virtual leading axis
  • External encoder as leading axis
  • Cascaded groups
  • Programming the whole group via leading axis
  • Dynamic coupling and decoupling of following axes
  • Print mark for high-precision position correction

Electronic gearbox

  • Gear ratio can be changed dynamically
  • Superimposed motions in the electronic gearbox

Electronic cam disc

  • Segments: Polynomials 1, 3, 5, 7 (jerk-free transition); sine
  • Definition via coefficients or marginal conditions
  • Flexible activation of segments depending on the position of the leading/following axis or with immediate effect
  • Scaling and shifting the areas of definition during operation

Path group (Tool Center Point programming)

  • Cartesian (3 spatial axes, 2 axes for orientation)
  • SCARA (4 axes)
  • 2D delta
  • Buffered operation (number of buffers: 96)
  • Look-ahead function
  • Smoothened coupling (optimum velocity profile)
  • Block-synchronous events
  • Coupling an axis group with a leading axis
  • Linear
  • 2D circle
  • 3D circle
  • Helix
  • Spline interpolation
  • Gantry axis pair
  • Shifting in axial direction via offset

The MCX hardware and software package

Controllers with MCX feature

You can select your JetControl controller with MCX functionality from a scalable platform. Suitable servo amplifiers of the JetMove series with 250 W to 15 kW of continuous power and servo motors with gearbox round off the system perfectly.


JetSym, the IDE for all automation functions, fully supports your MotionControl tasks.

JetSym supports you with

  • a project wizard with library management
  • a hardware manager that allows you to put complete axis groups into operation without having to write a line of program code
  • an oscilloscope function to optimize axis movements
  • STX, the programming language that lets you seamlessly find your axes and axis groups in your control program and use them as easily as a digital output

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