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Glass container industry

Extreme automation – Glass forming machines

Perfect cycle from hot to cold

The manufacture of glass containers calls for complex plant layouts which facilitate absolutely precise cycles and reliable 365/24/7 operation under extreme production conditions such as heat.

The Jetter automation solutions for glass forming machines integrate time sequence control (timing), the entire servo control, machine control, ware handling and diverse additional smaller control tasks. This approach eliminates interface complications between inconsistent systems. Ethernet-TCP/IP is used as integrated network technology. This enables a continuity from the control room through remote control via the Internet, the online database, the visualization and operation modules and up to ware handling.

The automation solutions come into play in practically all the plant segments:

  • Gob formation (feeder, shears)
  • Gob distribution (gob distributor)
  • Pre-forming of the containers
  • Transfer
  • Final forming of the containers
  • Transport of the bottles to the lehr (ware handling)
  • Container inspection

Your benefits:

Improved analytic capabilities

Optional remote maintenance grants precise analysis and fast fault rectification where needed.

Higher conveyor speeds

The glass containers are moved onto the conveyor quickly and safely thanks to mathematically optimized motion sequences combined with highly precise motion control.

Shorter downtimes

Unscheduled downtimes are avoided through

  • Application of high-quality products
  • Consistent modernization of the production plant
  • Maintenance

Long-term spare parts supply

Further development of the components ensures long-term availability of spare parts.
Extend the service life of your machine and ensure the productivity and profitability of your plants.

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