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BT 15

BT 20

BT 1000

DisplayLCD monochrome STN, transflectiveLCD monochrome LCD monochrome
Resolution 240 x 128 pixels128 x 240 pixels640 x 480 pixels(VGA)
Background lighting LED or CFLLED or CFLCFL
Function keys38 (26 of them user-programmable)8 (+ 24 with LED for BT20-24; + 48 with LED for BT20-48)22 22 with integrated dual-color LED (red/green)
Memory 384 KB Flash384 KB Flash384 KB Flash (option + 512 KB)
Interfaces COM1 (RS232), COM2 (RS232/422/485)RS232/422/485, TTYCOM1 (RS232), COM2 (RS232/422/485)
Power supply 24 V DC24 V DC (protection against polarity reversal)24 V DC
Current consumption300 mA250 mA (for BT20-0); 300 mA (for BT20-24); 350 mA (for BT20-48))300 mA
Ambient temperature.0 ... 45 °C (option: -20 ... 60°C)0 ... 45 °C (option: -20 ... 60°C)0 ... 45 °C
Dimensions (WxHxD)240 x 168 x 51 mmBT20-0: 288x168x50 mm; BT20-24: 288x242x50 mm;
BT20-48: 288x288x50 mm
Long model: 360 x 360 x 51 mm;
Short model: 360 x 260 x 51 mm
Degree of protectionIP 65 (front panel)IP 65 (front panel)IP 65 (front panel)
Pollution degree II (to DIN EN 61131-2)II (to DIN EN 61131-2)II (to DIN EN 61131-2)
SchwingfestigkeitDIN EN 61131-2DIN EN 61131-2DIN EN 61131-2
Class of equipment III (to DIN EN 50178)III (to DIN EN 50178)III (to DIN EN 50178)
Vibration resistance DIN EN 61131-2DIN EN 61131-2DIN EN 61131-2
Product featuresProduct featuresProduct features

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