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JetSafe is the tool of choice when it comes to creating safety-compliant control programs for the PLe/EN 13849 | SIL3/EN 61508 levels. JetSafe is perfectly matched to Jetter safety controllers.

Predefined devices and sensors

All major control devices and sensors used in safety technology, such as light curtains, door contacts, or emergency stop devices are already preconfigured in JetSafe and can be selected by clicking the corresponding icon. In the terminal diagram, these elements are automatically linked with the module to which they are connected physically. Based on the paradigm “configuring rather than programming”, creating a program for a safety controller is very simple.

Wiring diagram

Once the safety controller, as well as the sensors and actuators have been configured, the wiring diagram is automatically created.

Module management and device assignment

JetSafe’s clear user interface makes it particularly easy to assign the individual modules (IOs and axis monitors) to the sensors and functions of the machine, taking into account the required performance level.

Sequential function chart

Monitoring functions can be linked using logic operations. Speed, acceleration and position of several axes are monitored as regards their relation to each other. The documentation on all monitoring tasks can be set up individually.

Encoder configuration

To be able to reliably capture speed or position information of axes combined to a group, one or several sensors are required. For this purpose, a convenient menu exists where you can configure the sensors and enter their technical parameters. This lets you easily verify whether input data are correct without any previous knowledge of the sensors.

Building blocks

A library holds already tested function modules to choose from. It lets you, of course, define modules of your own, protect them or save them to the library for future reuse.

Monitoring functions

A comprehensive range of motion monitoring functions is available, such as monitoring of speed, standstill, range, and direction. These functions can directly be parameterized in a context-oriented way.

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