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Corporate and quality objectives

Our mission statement and building blocks serve as the guiding framework for defining our corporate and quality objectives. Ensuring customer satisfaction, which in turn guarantees the economic stability of our company, is our ultimate objective. Customer satisfaction arises from:

•    strong customer relationships
•    market-driven product policy
•    growth
•    profitability
•    quality and continuous improvement

All services must satisfy the established requirements without exception. We actively pursue a zero-defect strategy, prioritizing error prevention.

Personal responsibility

Everyone is responsible for implementing and upholding the corporate and quality policy. All employees bear the personal responsibility for demonstrating quality and cost-conscious as well as sustainable thinking and acting. This responsibility includes:

•    fulfillment of the assigned tasks
•    safety, order and cleanliness in the workplace
•    environmentally-conscious behavior
•    compliance with instructions
•    process-oriented action

Management system

Our management system facilitates the achievement of our objectives. The business processes are standardized, featuring clearly defined quality-relevant specifications and procedures. This enables the creation of high-quality, innovative products and ensures consistent and reproducible performance.



We act in line with economic, ecological and social considerations, also with regard to future generations. Therefore, we prioritize the health and well-being of individuals, the efficient use of resources and environmental protection.

Environment and energy

Environmental and energy considerations are integrated into all our activities. Our products directly enhance customer processes by optimizing yield, effectiveness and energy efficiency.


Our corporate culture is firmly anchored in a code of conduct and company values that are binding for all employees. We strive for fairness, integrity and professionalism in everything we do. In doing so, we ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and customer-specific requirements.

Continuous improvement

Adapting our processes, products and services to new requirements is an integral part of our management system. We embody continuous improvement, monitor our surroundings and develop forward-thinking strategies for future action.

Last updated March 2023

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