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Quality Management and Company Policy

Pioneering products crafted in premium quality, repeatable excellence in performance through fully-owned processes, and dedicated employees – these are the cornerstones of sustained customer satisfaction.

Corporate success is inseparable from customer satisfaction. Attaining this goal is unthinkable without a well-tuned management system in place. This is why, at our Ludwigsburg, Germany, office we set store by a management system according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. The efficiency of this system is regularly being confirmed in the form of holistic and continuous evaluations and audits.

We adhere to standardized business processes with quality-ensuring guidelines and procedures being implemented and documented.

To ensure information flows smoothly, we communicate by means of meetings scheduled both on a regular basis and on demand and share information through email, telephone, and video conferences, along with printed postings. Management commits itself to making available to all employees the relevant information and documents. Trainings are scheduled and conducted, and their effectiveness is evaluated.

Employees are responsible for the result and quality of their work including striving for continuous improvement with regard to self-management. At Jetter, we actively support employees in meeting their self-empowerment goals.

Our corporate policy is guided by our shared principles of action.


We have shaped our Mission Statement into Building Blocks firming up the Jetter corporate strategy: Profitability, market-driven product policy, growth, quality, and continuous improvement.  These we translate into actionable, inter-divisional objectives.


A key aspect of our success is our corporate culture, which is based on fair conduct with regard to our customers, colleagues, business partners and competitors, and to the relevant authorities. Only by doing business with integrity and in a professional manner can we be true to our standards.

Spelling out the corporate philosophy principles, our (195 kB)Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of our day-to-day actions.

Environmental and Energy Policy

In all that we do we are considerate of our environmental footprint and energy balance. Our products help customers optimize processes while maximizing output, effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

Opportunities and Threats

At Jetter, weighing opportunities against threats is a matter of course. Building on a thorough analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we contrive targeted initiatives and concepts for both our strategic and operative goals – from project roll-out to resource allocation, from corporate level down to individual process steps.

Business Continuity Management

Providing a powerful framework for harnessing process excellence, our management system allows us to successfully accomplish our operative and strategic tasks.

Business continuity management is an integral part of our management system and will allow us to restore our ability to deliver within an adequate period of time in the event of unexpected disruption.


Last updated: July 2019

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