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Planetary gear units let you precisely adapt the speed and the force of a motor to specific customer applications. The optimum design depends on the relation between duty cycle with motion profile and gearbox, motor and servo amplifier design.

Motion components selected and orchestrated this way mean long machine lifetime at economic allocation of resources.

The transmission ratio of the 1- to 3-stage gear units ranges between i = 3 and i = 1000.
The transmission rate lets you improve the ratio between external and internal rotor inertia - J load to J (motor and gear unit) - in such a way that smooth running of the axis is guaranteed, while resonant vibrations are prevented.

We also offer gear units fitting for larger Jetter motors of flange size 7 to 8. If you wish, we also provide planetary gear units already connected with the Jetter servo motors.


Your benefits

  • Customized selection of drive components for optimum system functioning
  • Designing the entire system to your needs by a large number of applications
  • Exchanging the calculation data
  • Drawings and documentation from a single source
  • A great number of series to select from
  • One order process - ready-mounted delivery


Technical aspects

  • Any mounting position, IP 65
  • Service life of ball bearings >= 20,000 h
  • Operating temperature: -25 ... 90 °C (max. permitted heating up)
  • Small-size and light-weight
  • Low vibration level
  • High efficiency (up to 0.98) and high speed (up to 8000 rpm for a short time)



  • Economy - with reduced clearance/reinforced - precision gearbox
  • 1-, 2-, 3-stage
  • Straight (linear) gearboxes or angular gearboxes
  • B14, B5 flange with shaft
  • Gearbox - hollow shaft, block flange
  • With straight or helical teeth
  • Twin (radial) groove ball bearing
  • Twin tapered roller bearing


Classification, properties

EconomyReduced clearance/reinforcedPrecision
Backlash in arcmin <15 ... 1010 ... 55 ... 1
Jetter motor flange1 ... 71 ... 72 ... 7
Gearbox flangeB14B14, B5, block flangeB5, block flange
Ball bearing optionsTwin groove ball bearingTwin groove ball bearing or reinforced ball bearing = twin tapered roller bearingTwin tapered roller bearing
Torsional rigiditymediummedium ... highvery high
Degree of protectionIP54 or IP65IP65IP65
Conformity to RoHSYesYesYes
Transmission rates3 … 10003 … 10003 … 100
Input speed… 6000 rpm3000 … 4500 rpm3000 … 4500 rpm
Rated torque [Nm]… 1200 Nm… 1200 Nm… 3000 Nm
Service life20 000 … 30 000 h (bearings)> 20 000 h (bearings)> 20 000 h (bearings)


Example Economy

  • Series LC, MP (LCK, MPG)
  • Series PLE (WPLE)
  • Series PS.CZ


  • Backlash in arcmin < 15 ... < 10
  • Degree of protection IP54 or IP65
  • High speed and transmission rates
  • Medium torsional rigidity
  • With straight teeth
  • Simple positioning or speed control


Example Reinforced

  • Series TR (TRG)
  • Series PS.C


  • Backlash in arcmin < 10 ... < 5
  • Medium precision
  • The option "reinforced bearings" is for greater radial forces and can also result in greater torsional rigidity.
  • Medium speed and transmission rates
  • With straight teeth


Example Precision

  • Series TQ (TQF, TQK)
  • Series PLN, PSN (PLFN, PSFN, WPLN)
  • Series PS.F


  • Backlash in arcmin < 5 ... < 1
  • Maximum precision
  • Reinforcement options for bearings or flange block enable very high radial forces
  • Maximum torsional rigidity
  • Option: Helical teeth for low noise
  • Medium speed and transmission rates

e.g. High acceleration rates, numerous changes of direction, high radial output forces at the output of the gear unit are required, the required positioning accuracy is very high, high output torques (up to 3000 Nm) (big-size motors)


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