Industrial Automation

For example filling machines

The demands of filling machines are extremely dissimilar. The sheer variety of applications sets the bar high with regard to special demands. Next to ensuring the automated processes, the high cycling of the machines is the primary focus.


Industrial Automation

For example assembly and handling systems

With highly specialized systems for practically all stations of automated and semi-automated assembly and handling systems, Jetter AG offers complete and partial solutions.


Mobile Automation

For example agricultural technology

In agricultural technology, automation and networking of the components and implements used are increasingly replacing hydraulic and mechanical systems.


Mobile Automation

For example municipal vehicles

The technical demands in automation of municipal vehicles such as street sweepers, salt spreaders or fire-fighting vehicles are exceptionally varied. Because of the number of possible applications.


Industrie 4.0 | IoT


Networking and cloud-based solutions

Integration of automation functions and secure data transfer – from the controller to the cloud. Common practise at Jetter AG for many years.


We automate your success.

Welcome to Jetter AG

For decades, the name Jetter AG has stood for highest demands on automation solutions that are used in a wide range of industrial and mobile automation sectors.

Products and components by Jetter AG stand out thanks to their high degree of system integrity and diversity. Our in-house R&D departments (hardware and software), as well as our production plants in Germany allow us to always act in a quick and flexible manner. This, combined with a comprehensive range of Professional Services, enables us to put almost any customer request into practice.

In Industrial Automation Jetter AG is focusing on selected industries. Highly customized solutions contributing to decisive advantages in our customers' business environment put them into a position to produce state-of-the-art machines and plants.




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Latest News

As a leading full-range supplier of automation systems for mechanical and plant engineering as well as process technology, Jetter AG is presenting its IoT-capable product portfolio at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg.

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The packaging industry is looking for solutions to reduce high plastic consumption. The use of individually controllable machines considerably reduces the need for plastics. 

Plastics are ubiquitous today: when showering in the morning in the bottles of shampoo and shower gel,...

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