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On-target solution – whichever the use case: Each model type is geared to specific functional requirements, making the Jetter range of I/O modules an ideal complement or expansion to any control system in mobile machinery, commercial and special-purpose vehicles. Communication via CANopen® allows them to integrate into conventional CAN networks. Protected by a rugged, potted housing, expansion modules are ideally suited to be used in the demanding operating environments typical of mobile automation systems. The Jetter I/O model range offers a variety of cabling, input and output options.

There is a solution for every cabling requirement
Depending on the use case, each expansion module must meet different cabling requirements. The JXM-IO-E30 model type reduces cabling efforts to an absolute minimum: It comes with a reference output supporting standard sensors and pre-processing applications. This I/O node is generally used by spreader vehicles. Where machinery is changing regularly, the benefits of the JXM-IO-EX30 expansion module come into play: While the hardware is identical to the JXM-IO-E30 model type, the 48-pin molex plug was replaced by 4-pin DT plugs. This innovative cabling approach uses standard cables thus facilitating swift plug & play connectivity in the field. It is applied, for example, to realize automation tasks for slurry tankers and manure spreaders.
The heavy-duty JXM-IO-EW30 modes is designed to cope with the rough operating conditions in special machinery. This model type does not require any plug-in connectors. The rugged enclosure combines with field-proven cable glands and WAGO MCS mini HD connectors to harness maximum wiring flexibility and reliability.

Made for linear drives
The 30 series model trio differs from the JXM-IO-E31 mainly in the type of output. While the JXM-IO-E30, JXM-IO-EX30 and JXM-IO-EW30 models feature high-current paths, as is required for hydraulic valves, the JXM-IO-E31 has eight half bridges, which are particularly well-suited for linear drives as installed in municipal vehicles. A typical use case would be the controlling of brushed DC motors in self-propelled mobile machinery.

Strong input performance
Unlike the JXM-IO-E31 model type, the JXM-IO-E32 expansion module’s I/O configuration is input-focused enabling it to manage a wide range of distributed tasks. Its 16 inputs include analog and high-resolution sensor inputs – of which eight are thermal sensor inputs supporting PT1000 sensors, thereby further enhancing the module’s scope of application. This node is mainly used to integrate thermal sensors and high-resolution pressure sensors in mobile machines.

Scalability under focus
Whether municipal vehicles or agricultural machinery – mobile automation solutions engineered by Jetter offer advanced scalability. Carefully blending software, hardware, and operating concepts, Jetter system solutions are synonymous with full-service solutions.

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