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Weeds haven’t a chance: The latest harrow system solution made by Jetter

At their Ludwigsburg, Germany, headquarters, automation specialist Jetter has engineered a pioneering system solution designed to enhance the use of harrows in agriculture. Scalable to individual needs by design, the Jetter solution integrates with a variety of different systems.

While harrows have been used in organic farming for suppressing weed growth for many years, this technology is gaining in popularity with traditional farming as well. Fueled by significant gaps in the effectiveness of herbicides, farmers are increasingly resorting to alternative methods to address new challenges. This is where harrows come into play. For instance, to improve nutrient availability around the roots of arable crops or to save precious water.
To make the most out of these implements, powerful automation technology is required. And this is just what Jetter stands for.
“We have engineered a system solution that is perfectly suited for both directly and indirectly sprung tines – regardless of the system used to set their pressure and angle. Featuring cutting-edge functions tailored to the needs of precision farming, the Jetter solution seamlessly integrates with a variety of systems while offering advanced scalability to individual requirements.

Scalable system solution

Scalability is the keyword best describing Jetter system solutions engineered for agricultural machinery, including harrows: The Jetter solution allows for custom configurations and its components are perfectly tuned to each other. “When designing a system solution, we have a single-minded approach: Ensuring maximum process reliability, scalability and full ISO-BUS compatibility at all times. Our harrow solutions come with precisely the set of functions that our customers require”, says Bayer. This also includes built-in hydraulic system features. Additionally, softkeys are exchangeable and freely placeable. The Jetter solution provides for individual scaling of up to 20 harrow sets, each set configurable to individual pressure settings.

Simple handling

Jetter extends its commitment to scalability also to its range of hardware and software products. All system components, from HMIs and control systems to cables and I/O modules, offer extensive configuration options. “Our primary objective is to ensure that our products deliver maximum performance in the field and that they meet our customers’ requirements”, says Bayer. This is why Jetter products strictly adhere to the principles of intuitive use in terms of both operating ergonomics and self-explanatory icons for all controls. This way, users always stay on top of things. Additionally, manufacturers are free to arrange the GUI elements according to their needs. Thanks to a clearly structured user interface, icon-based machine displays, status and information bars along with an intuitive color scheme, Jetter literally has designed a turn-key solution.

In a nutshell, Jetter automation solutions for harrows are efficient and individually configurable systems offering a tailor-made range of features for maximum ease of use in the field – so that weeds haven’t a change.

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