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Networking all over - Jetter AG combines smart Internet and network technologies with integrated industrial concepts at the sps ipc drives 2016


Integrated networking technologies in partially or fully automated plants - Chances and prospects
In the industrial realm there are exhaustive discussions going on about incorporating Cloud platforms and features into production processes. Integration of IT will significantly change the so far autonomous processes within machines and plants. This holds both great challenges and great chances for the automation sector. For decades, Jetter AG has relied on consistent and integrated networking with Ethernet-TCP/IP and on using common web technologies. The logic consequence for the Jetter company is now to broaden this know-how and to implement it into Cloud systems. At the sps ipc drives 2016, visitors will be provided with detailed insight into the versatile possibilities of present and future networking technologies created by Jetter AG. Numerous applications taken from practical experience will be presented hands-on.

Highly sophisticated automation solutions for a wide range of specialist fields
At the sps ipc drives 2016, Jetter AG presents integrated industrial concepts which meet all system requirements for visualization, control, motion and motors. The seamless integration of motion control and sequential control into one system allows for highly flexible solutions making even production of one-piece batches economical. There will be physically established systems showing how optional incorporation of Cloud applications can be achieved.

To premiere on the sps ipc drives 2016: Control cabinet manufacturing
For the first time, Jetter AG presents its expertise in control cabinet manufacturing. Besides many functional aspects, the economic aspects of control cabinet manufacturing are also very significant. The services provided by Jetter AG in this area range from comprehensive engineering to assembling all components in our own production sites up to installing and commissioning at the customer's.

Mobile automation for agricultural and municipal vehicles

At the sps ipc drives 2016, Jetter AG also focuses on mobile automation. Especially automation solutions for agricultural technology and various configurations for municipal vehicles, such as specific systems for implements and fire-fighting vehicles, will be shown. On the Jetter stand, the application solutions presented to the visitors suggest them various approaches to their own development projects.

Professional Services - The overall package of automation services
Professional Services by Jetter AG comprise service all around mechanical and plant engineering. These services comprise project management, controller programming, visualization, up to conceptual design and retrofitting of production plants. Numerous trainings, such as application trainings, will also be brought into focus. At the sps ipc drives 2016, visitors are offered information on all kinds of Professional Services and can have sample projects presented to them.

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