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The expansion module JXM-IO-E11 has been designed for signal processing in the dashboard or in the driver's cabin.

20 digital switching signals, 3 analog joystick axes and a 4-way switch can be combined to be transmitted to the controller as a CAN message.

Up to 24 LEDs can be controlled via CAN in parallel. Out of these, 20 LEDs can be dimmed individually. This way, a balanced background lighting within the HMI can be set, even if different light sources are used.


  • Grouping of discrete input and output signals
  • CANopen® port
  • 5 V power supply, built in
  • Compact design

Technical Data

Operating voltage DC 8 … 32 V
Operating/storage temperature -40 … +85 °C
CAN 1 CANopen®
Max. number of inputs/outputs 50
Analog 3, 0 … 5 V for analog joystick X-Y-Z, resolution 8 bits; Alternative usage: 4x digital input, 5 V, for b/w joystick
Digital 22, 5 V for keys
PWM 20, 5 mA for LEDs, resolution 4 bits
Digital 4, 5 mA for LEDs
Degree of protection IP20
Vibration DIN EN 60068-2-64, Cat. 2
Shock DIN EN 60068-2-64, 30g
Protection against polarity reversal Yes

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