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Jetter AG at AGRITECHNICA 2015 – Introducing smart automation for agricultural technology

At this year's AGRITECHNICA, Jetter AG presents a select portfolio of highly flexible and scalable automation solutions for agricultural implements.

ISOBUS – The automation standard for JetControlMobile controllers
Controllers of the JetControlMobile series are characterized by their modular design. This allows for scalability and configurability according to the customers' needs. These controllers feature high-performance hardware and support a great number of programming languages. Thus, they can perfectly be integrated and networked. At AGRITECHNICA 2015, the new controllers JetControlMobile 511 and 529 will be presented for the first time. The JetControlMobile 511 has been derived as a partially modular system from the proven controller JCM-521. With its 16 inputs, 8 outputs and 2 high-current bridges, this controller is sufficiently equipped for a wide range of applications even in its basic configuration. An outstanding feature are the 2 high-current bridges rated at 15 A. They can be used to drive larger consumers, such as motors. A distinctive feature of the JetControlMobile 529 is the number of channels that can be customized to achieve savings in medium or high production volumes. JCM-521 and JCM-522 configuration data, including their toolchain, can directly be used from these controllers. The JetControlMobile 529 can be shipped ready configured for series production and fully programmed. Strict compliance with ISO standard 11783 offers absolutely compatible communication between a host of implements and the tractor.

Smart solutions for agricultural machinery - Clever networking and visualization

The key advantage of JetViewMobile HMIs is their compact design combined with computing power, visualization capabilities and interconnectivity. Even the JetViewMobile 104 features an integrated controller that can handle small to medium control tasks, saving you the cost of a separate controller. You also have the option to add more inputs and outputs to the JetViewMobile 104. At AGRITECHNICA 2015, Jetter AG presents pre-configured HMIs of the JVM-104 series for different fields of application.

The HMI JetViewMobile 407B with its 7" display and integrated controller can even be used as a fully-fledged dashboard. The JetViewMobile 407B provides lots of interfaces for communication with peripheral devices. For example, it has three independent CAN busses.

Electrification - High-voltage motion systems
The servo amplifier JetMoveMobile 5000 by Jetter AG lets you electrify various drives on a machine. Thanks to their high quality of control, these servo amplifiers achieve a significantly higher level of effectiveness than it is the case with comparable hydraulic motion systems. Decoupling the speed of the Diesel engine from the speed requirements of the processes enables the Diesel engine to run at its optimum operating point. This results in lower fuel consumption, sided by reduced noise emission. Having got water-cooling, the inverter could be designed very compact. This allows for space-saving installation in the vehicle. The enclosures are both extremely rugged and protected according to IP69K (pressure washing). At AGRITECHNICA 2015, a model is used to simulate various operating modes.

ISO-Designer - Creating masks to ISO-11783
At AGRITECHNICA 2015, Jetter AG presents the latest version of its software tool ISO-Designer. For many years, Jetter AG have been providing ISO-Designer, a professional and widely used software tool for creating masks conforming to ISOBUS. Its large number of features enable convenient creation of masks which perfectly comply with the standard. This makes the masks created using ISO-Designer fully compatible and immediately applicable with all ISOBUS terminals. ISO-Designer is being permanently improved and is available for free as of July 2015.

Taken from real life – Individual solutions which perfectly suit your needs

Several automation solutions implemented by Jetter AG in a number of select customer applications go to show the flexibility of all components used. Visitors can get here a precise idea of the results of our R&D work and discuss the approaches and solutions with our representatives.

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