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High-performance controller JetControl 440 with Motion Control kernel


The controller JetControl 440MC by Jetter has been designed for demanding applications involving Motion Control functions. Depending on its configuration, the controller is able to coordinate up to 12 Motion Control servo axes. To this end, groups of axes can be defined acting together in technological functions, such as electric gearbox, electric cam disc, cross cutter, flying saw etc. The controller also supports grouping of path control axes where mechanically coupled axes with different kinematic systems are combined. An EtherCAT® port allows for fast communication with servo controllers.

With its program and data memory of 32 MB and 480,000 bytes of non-volatile application memory, this controller is suitable even for complex machines. Programming is in the high-level language STX supporting both IEC-61131-3 ST and object-oriented programming.

Besides its 100 MBit Ethernet port with integrated 2-port switch, the controller is equipped with a serial interface which can be operated to RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 standard. The two CAN ports support communication using both the CANopen® protocol and a user-programmable CAN protocol.

JetControl 440MC features a USB port for storage media. Thus, the application program can read data from a flash drive or write data to it. Furthermore, operating system, application program and parameters can easily be replaced without the need for an additional service tool.
Up to 16 peripheral modules of the proven JX3 system can directly be connected to the controller. Additional modules can be connected to the controller via Ethernet system bus.

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