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JetMove 225


The servo amplifier series JetMove 200 covers the complete voltage range from 1-phase AC 230 V to 3-phase AC 400 V. They can handle currents of up to 25 A. 


  • 1-phase, AC 230 V up to 3-phase, AC 400 V
  • 3 … 25 A
  • Supported motor types:
    - Synchronous and asynchronous motors
    - 3-phase stepper motors
    - Direct drives
    - Linear motors


    • Safe Standstill (STO = Safe Torque Off) (S1)
    • Second encoder input (CNT) (incremental, SSI, EnDat 2.2 (without analog signals))
    • Incremental encoder emulation (EMU)
    • Ethernet port (ETH)
    • Integrated controller (JC-310)

      Technical Data

      Type of connection 3-phase, AC 400 V
      Rated current (A) 25
      Peak current (A) 50
      Continuous power (kW) 7
      Ports and interfaces JX2 system bus
      Safe torque off Option
      Controller JC-310 or Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
      Analog input Option
      Counter input Option
      Emulator Option
      Weight incl. STO (kg) 7.1
      Dimensions (W x H x D) 105 x 310 x 280 mm

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