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The expansion module JXM-IO-E32 is the universal building block for remote I/Os on self-propelled machines. With its I/O configuration focused on inputs, it can handle a wide range of decentralized tasks and is particularly suitable for integrating temperature and high-resolution pressure sensors in self-propelled machines.

Communication with the JXM-IO-E32 takes place via CANopen®. This lets you integrate the module into conventional CAN networks used on self-propelled machines.

Thanks to its potted components and rugged housing the expansion module is applicable in any situation even under harsh environmental conditions.


  • 16 inputs and 3 diagnostic-capable outputs - including analog inputs and high-resolution sensor inputs
  • Eight temperature sensor inputs for PT1000 sensors provide increased application flexibility
  • Thanks to CAN ID addressing via tri-state inputs, up to nine nodes in a network are supported without the need for software configuration. This lets you implement your common parts strategy.
  • Minimized cabling effort: Each of the ten analog inputs has both a pin with supply voltage and a pin with ground reference.
  • Three analog outputs (current and voltage) can be used to control pneumatic valves, for example
  • Rugged housing with potted components, as well as automotive connector

Technical Data

Operating voltage DC 8 … 32 V, with separate ECU power supply
Operating/storage temperature -40 °C … +85 °C
CAN ports 1 CANopen®
Max. amount of inputs/outputs 19
Analog 8; 0 ... 10 V/0 ... 20 mA, can be configured individually; Resolution: 12 bits, input impedance: 43 kΩ, load 120 Ω; 2; 0 ... 20 mA, can be configured individually; Resolution: 16 bits, input impedance 47 kΩ, load 120 Ω
Temperature sensor inputs 8; PT1000 (switched via analog inputs)
Digital / frequency 6; Input impedance 5.6 kΩ, 0.1 Hz ... 10 kHz; switchable between NPN/PNP
Digital / CAN-coding 2; Coding of the CAN ID: tristate
Outputs with diagnostics capability (short-circuit, no-load)
Analog 3; 0 … 10 V / 0 … 20 mA, can be configured individually; Resolution: 12 bits
Power supply - Sensors 8 x 24 V sensor supplies VBAT; 2 x 10 V sensor supplies with reference voltage
Ground reference 10 x sensor ground
Max. permitted total current 2:00 AM
Degree of protection IP66
Vibration ISO 16750-3
Shock ISO 16750-3
Protection against polarity reversal Yes
Certifications E1 (ECE R10), CE ISO 14982
Output diagnostics Short circuit, no-load

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