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This is how wiring works now


Conventional connectors are usually wired with a wiring harness and often with fixed lengths. In the design phase, this involves quite elaborate draw-ings - especially in the case of different variants of the machines. 

This is where the JXM-IO-EX30 expansion module comes into play, as the device expands and optimizes the possibilities of various wiring variants on machines thanks to its new cabling concept, while simultaneously opening up various options. 

A simple and clever system 

The Jetter solution is based on a central plug-in system with which 4-pin Deutsch connectors can be plugged in or unplugged very easily. It has 20 sockets at a 45° angle which offer a field-proven and secure fit on the de-vice and have sufficient distance to each other. A large portfolio of ready-made standard cables and blanking plugs enables quick and convenient plug-and-play field wiring. The smart connection concept of power supply and CAN bus allows easy daisy-chaining of several modules. 

Ready to use for a wide range of variants

With its balanced I/O configuration, it can handle almost all remote tasks such as reading in sensor signals or controlling switching and proportional valves. The permissible total continuous current of 25 A in conjunction with high individual currents allows the control of large loads. Communication with the JXM-IO-EX30 takes place via CANopen®. This allows for integration into conventional CAN networks used in self-propelled ma-chines. To support the common parts strategy for spare parts and to keep machine downtimes low, the device has tri-state inputs for parameterizing the respective node ID. Thanks to its potted components and rugged housing the expansion module can be used extremely flexibly in harsh environmental conditions such as in agricultural, municipal or construction machinery. Two LEDs enable fast device diagnostics. 

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