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Controller JetControlMobile 350 for high total currents


The mobile applications controller JCM-350 by Jetter AG is designed for high total currents. Depending on the configuration level, it supports total currents of up to 100, respectively 200 A. Up to 16 digital outputs of 8 A, and up to 4 high-current relays of 15 A each provide reliable supply of typical high-current consumers such as lighting, heating, or windscreen wipers. Up to 4 H-bridges for a continuous current of 15 A each are available for controlling electric actuators. All high-current outputs have been designed for short-time multiple starting currents. They can be operated without any separate fusing being needed.

The 32-bit controller of 150 MHz offers sufficient computing power for standard applications. For additional control tasks, the JCM-350 comprises a great number of digital and analog inputs, as well as inputs for incremental encoders. By means of current-controlled PWM outputs, hydraulic valves can be controlled.

Five independent CAN interfaces allow for parallel access to all relevant vehicle data and offer a host of expansion options, e.g. via CAN-I/O modules. The CAN addresses are set by means of the keys on the operator panel, which furthermore features diagnostics LEDs.

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