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Servicing JetSym


  • Preparation: Setting up your own computer, making settings in JetSym Hardware Manager.
  • Servicing an existing system: Program and data backup
  • Comparing programs: Comparing JetSym with a JetControl
  • Fault finding, error LED at a JetControl
  • The use of the JetSym setup window
  • Addressing JetMove axes, inputs and outputs
  • Initial commissioning: Uploading data, JetMove parameter files and program
  • Servicing JetMove axes by means of Motion Setup
  • Recording data (JetMove axes AND JetControl) by means of the JetSym oscilloscope


We take the perspective of a field engineer working on a plant which is equipped with a JetControl. These questions we have to solve, for example: Which steps do we have to take BEFORE connecting our PC just like that with the Ethernet switch of a plant? The settings should already exist in the JetSym Hardware Manager, so that no more changes have to be made. The following situation often occurs in practice: Several JetControls are networked within one plant. This made us connect with the wrong JetControl due to selecting the wron IP address. That's why it is important to compare the program in JetSym with the program in JetControl in the first instance.

The next step is to deal with program and data backup, which is likely to be neglected, which would then have serious consequences.. Usually, an error LED lights up in case of failure: What must be done to reliably troubleshoot and fix errors? In this case, the JetSym setup window is very helpful, because it lets us represent the data of a JetControl in a table.

Further topics to be dealt with in the seminar: Automatically addressing JetMove axes, inputs and outputs, initial commissioning Settings in the JetSym Hardware Manager of the Motion Setup: Commissioning a JetMove axis Axis tuning by means of the JetSym oscilloscope.

In this training course, not a single line of a program will be written. We are very careful to be familiar with each step in performing the tasks of a classic field engineer.

Target Group

  • Field and commissioning engineers who themselves do not program


  • 2 days


  • Experience in using the PC applying Windows


  • 700 EUR

Dates and Registration

  • On Request

Your contact person

Jasmin Winkelmann
+49 (7141) 2550-663

Your contact person

  +49 (7141) 2550-663