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Programming JetSym


  • Task: Commissioning a training model
  • The operating principle of a multitasking operating system
  • Programming basics: Commands, Hardware Manager, ...
  • Simple I/O programming
  • Axis commissioning by Motion Setup
  • Axis programming by Motion instructions
  • Creating one's own functions
  • Working with character string commands
  • Creating a logbook in the file system of the PLC comprising the file operations


The task is as follows: Commissioning a training model We start by creating a flowchart, which means, we first of all give some thought to the design of our program. After getting some theoretical knowledge and coming to know some basic instructions, we will immediately turn to hands-on programming. Are you still with me? If not, it's no problem - the online help of the programming tool JetSym has got answers to almost any question you might have. Just press F1. Your trainer will still back you up and will gladly answer your questions.

After a short time only, we will turn to commissioning a JetMove axis and come to the conclusion that axis commissioning by STX is child's play. Then, we will integrate the JetMove axis into our application by means of Motion API (Application Programming Interface). This makes any other programming tool unnecessary.

Now, we are going to do commissioning on a higher level by using character string instructions which are an integral feature of the mighty programming language STX. Finally, we will create a logbook in the file system of our JetControl. For this, we apply file operations which let you freely function in the file system of our JetControl.

The objective of this training is to enable the participant to program a JetControl by themselves and to commission it successfully.

Target Group

  • Programmers and developers


  • 4 days


  • Basic knowledge in automation and programming


  • 1400 EUR

Dates and Registration

  • Mon 12.03.2018 to Thu 15.03.2018
  • Mon 14.05.2018 to Thu 17.05.2018
  • Mon 16.07.2018 to Thu 19.07.2018
  • Mon 10.09.2018 to Thu 13.09.2018
  • Mon 05.11.2018 to Thu 08.11.2018

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