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LCD 52 54Z


The HMIs LCD 52 and LCD 54 have been designed as hand-held devices for mobile application. The are for displaying and entering actual and setpoint values in combination with a controller by Jetter AG.

The 6/8 function keys are user-programmable and can be used as program-controlled keys for calling the menu and/or for triggering control functions.

The LCD 54 differs from LCD 52 by its integrated emergency stop pushbutton which has been approved to DIN EN 418. The emergency stop pushbutton is equipped with 2 separate NCCs which are connected via connecting cable.

The LCD 54 is equipped with two pushbuttons located on the side. To each pushbutton a specific flag for possible teach functions is assigned. On the numeric keyboard, the keys 8, 6, 2 and 4 are designed as arrow keys; they can be used as cursor keys, e.g. for axis motion, in manual mode.

Using the SHIFT function monitor mode can be enabled which is for directly accessing registers and flags, as well as inputs and outputs. This way, the user is given the possibility to test the application without application program.

The LCD 54Z is equipped with an additional 3-level enabling switch.


  • Alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display, backlit (LCD54)
  • 4 lines of 16 characters each
  • 6/8 function keys
  • Numeric keypad
  • Emergency stop pushbutton (LCD54)
  • 3-position enabling switch (LCD54)
  • IP65 (front panel)

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