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JetControlMobile 521


The JCM-521 controllers are fully modular. They have been designed for control systems exacting requirements on flexibility and connectivity.

The controllers consist of a main board and of MX modules which are expansions providing dissimilar features. The main board is equipped with a powerful CPU and FPGA. Depending on the desired configuration, either 6 or 15 MX modules are there to hold any combination of expansions. If all  possibilities are made use of, up to 120 I/O connections can be provided. This way, I/O allocation can precisely be adjusted to any application object.

An optional diagnostics display with controls features production data display, diagnostics and configuration on the spot without additional supporting devices such as PC or testing devices still being needed.


  • 32-bit controller, 500 MHz
  • Programming to IEC 61131-3 STX or in C/C++
  • Modular I/O configuration for high flexibility
  • CAN, USB, LIN, and RS232 port for high connectivity.
  • Built-in controls with graphic display

Technical Data

CPU ARM 11, 32-bit, 500 MHz
Memory: RAM - Application - Non-volatile 128 MB RAM – 512 MB Flash – 128 kB MRAM
Peripheral devices FPGA
Programming IEC 61131-3 STX, C/C++
Operating system WinCE 6.0
Operating voltage DC 8 ... 32 V, separate load voltage
Operating/storage temperature -40 … +85 °C
Ports and interfaces
CAN 2 (optionally more) 125 kB/s to 1 MB/s; CANopen®, SAE J1939, ISOBUS 11783; Jetter CAN-Prim for customer-specific proprietary protocols
Ethernet Option; up to 100 Mbit/s
USB 1 (optionally more), host and client
RS232 1
Operation and diagnostics (optional) 1 LCD graphics display; 6 LEDs red, green; 3 Keys
RTC Option
Maximum number of inputs/outputs (Number of I/O connections depends on configuration with MX modules) 48
Maximum number of MX modules 6
Max. permitted total current 40 A
Safety relay in the load circuit Yes, PWM outputs can be disabled
Degree of protection IP65
Vibration DIN EN 60068-2-64, Cat. 2
Shock DIN EN 60068-2-64, 30g
Protection against polarity reversal Yes

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