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Smart Farming: Automation for Progress


At the Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover, Jetter AG will present state-of-the-art control systems for automation tasks in agriculture. This way, the Ludwigsburg high-tech company supports farmers by networked machinery to work more efficiently and to improve yields significantly.

The automation specialist presents solutions for mobile farming automation at the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology. The Ludwigsburg experts within this industry state that Smart Farming holds great potential: "What is not apparent at first sight to the end-customer is that the times of romantic farm life have been over since long ago. High tech has reached agriculture", says Michael Feider, head of sales and marketing and Farming 4.0 expert at Jetter AG. "Milking robots, automated weeding or cleaning machinery in the stables can be found everywhere nowadays. They ease the workday and further make it more efficient." At the Agritechnica, Jetter presents, besides control solutions, visualization solutions which help the driver to keep the vehicle surroundings in view even when driving big and complex agricultural machinery.

Easy to control, easy to operate

JetViewMobile 104, the HMI with built-in controller, carries out simple control tasks. The farmer simply connects implements such as manure spreaders, slurry tankers, loaders or lime spreaders with the CAN bus interface of the device. Selecting the optional second CAN bus interface opens up the following opportunities: Either, from the beginning, the respective implement is equipped with a controller supporting ISOBUS and connected to the ISOBUS terminal of the tractor. As an alternative, the customer keeps the ISOBUS option open, as the controller in the HMI per se supports ISOBUS. Should, in the future, the implement have to be operated using an ISOBUS terminal, the HMI would be small enough to be placed on the implement. In this case, the JetViewMobile 104 is connected with the ISOBUS terminal at the second CAN bus interface. Now, the JetViewMobile 104 takes on two functions: On the one hand, it serves as a controller for the implement, on the other, it transmits all masks, the logic features and the graphic elements to the ISOBUS terminal. This handy HMI can be operated intuitively. Further, the customer can adjust the operating concept to the desired functions and individualize the design.

Less complexity, greater overview

Vehicles and agricultural machinery have got more and more features which makes them increasingly complex. Yet, the user must be able to monitor the systems at any time and to control them flexibly. That's why vehicle manufacturers apply various HMIs in the driver's cab: The HMIs map various functions and thus improve clarity of visualization.  The mobile controller JetControlMobile 630, developed by Jetter, is an automation all-rounder for processing signals and adjusting them to the individual visualization concept of the respective vehicle. This mobile controller can also integrate complex camera images, which makes it the ideal device for surround view systems. In these systems, the controller merges all camera images on a display in the driver's cab in a way that the vehicle can be seen from a bird's eye view. The Jetter visualization system significantly contributes to active safety of the driver and the vehicle, as it makes the surroundings visible to the driver. Further, the controller also helps to physically establish camera-monitor systems which replace the rear-view mirrors in the vehicle and thus provide an optimized field of view.

One hardware, many functions

Controllers of the JetControlMobile series are very robust and therefore able to meet the specific demands made on mobile automation. Their performance is scalable, their devices can be applied flexibly. The controller JetControlMobile 511 can easily be customized thanks to its great number of various I/O interfaces. The basic version of the controller has got 24 interfaces already. Further interfaces can be added via the two optional slots for MX modules. Even when the project is still in the make, the customer can add further inputs and outputs to the JetControlMobile 511 by means of plug-in cards.

Jetter AG will present its automation solutions at the Agritechnica in Hanover from 12 to 18 November 2017 in hall 15, stand G41.

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