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Prompt Help via Technical Hotline

You can contact our hotline either by phone or by e-mail. Please submit your e-mail request using the form below. Please understand that we can only accept e-mail requests submitted by this form

Technical Hotline

Stefan Manov

+49 (7141) 2550-444
Fax +49 (7141) 2550-615

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Important Note:

In order to optimize customer support and to further improve our application advisory service by phone, certain fees will be charged for telephone hotline service. The hourly compensation for application staff presently amounts to 92.00 €/h. This will be the basis for the calculation of hotline fees. This does not apply to requests via email or web form.

The hotline services which your company will make use of will be summed up, itemized and billed to your company on a monthly basis. We will not charge your company for times that are definitely connected with problems caused by us, neither will we charge your company for minor times (less than 60 minutes per quarter).  

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